Septic System Cleaning

A septic tank (sometimes referred to as an “on-site wastewater treatment system”) is a significant investment that you will want to protect. As a result, maintaining it through septic system cleaning on a regular basis is your best chance to avoid malfunctions.

Regular septic system cleaning is pivotal to properly maintaining your tank. At Affordable Pumping Services, we can ensure that your tank is properly and professionally cleaned on a regular basis. It’s highly recommended that you clean your septic tank at least every two to three years. Keeping up with the scheduled cleanings will drastically reduce the chances of any malfunctions.

In addition to avoiding malfunctions, regular septic tank cleanings will also help you avoid costly system replacements. The cost of regular cleanings Is far less costly than replacing an entire system. Also, the process to replace an entire system requires a lot of work, including digging up your lawn in order to remove the tank. It’s certainly a process you would like to circumvent at all costs and regular cleanings will help you do that.

There are some important things we will be keeping in mind when cleaning your septic tank. For instance, we will ensure that the inlet and outlet baffles are examined. To avoid getting to technical, your inlet and outlet baffles are the parts of your septic tank that helps to keep the bad particles in the tank and take the good particles out. If either of these are malfunctioning, it’s important to have them repaired immediately. In addition, we will also look for signs that would indicate a clogged leaching system. This is the system that distributes the good particles into your soil. Some signs of the system being clogged are:

  • Pooling Water
  • Sewage Odor Near The Septic Tank or Leaching System
  • Slowly Running Drains and Toilets
  • Sewage On The Ground Over The Leaching Field
  • Sewage Backing Up Into Sinks, Bathtubs, or Toilets
  • The Grass Is Lush And Considerably Greener Over The Leach (Drain) Field Area Than Other Areas

With over 28 years of experience, Affordable Pumping Service can ensure your septic tank is properly cleaned and maintained. If you need a reliable company to help you properly maintain your septic tank, then give us a call!