Signs You May Need a New Septic System

Owning a septic tank comes with a certain amount of responsibility. A malfunctioning system is not only a danger to your home and family, but it could potentially leak toxic materials into the surrounding groundwater. It is essential to have a reputable company in mind to call in the event of a septic emergency. Always look out for these signs that you may need a new septic system.


Standing Water

Pooling water anywhere on your property is a sign of a major problem. Once you have spotted standing water and eliminated any other valid reason for it, it could be that you have an overflowing tank. This is considered a septic emergency, so call a septic system company right away. If your current tank is no longer holding waste properly, it may be time to replace it.


Unpleasant Odor

If you notice a foul odor similar to that of a rotten egg in your home or around your drain field, you most likely have a septic tank problem. When a tank is overflowing, leaking, or just not functioning properly, it may be time for a new one.


Frequent Backups

A septic backup can be extremely frustrating. The fluid and waste material present in a septic backup is extremely toxic and needs to be cleaned and sanitized by professionals. This, along with any necessary repairs, can carry a pretty hefty price tag. A properly functioning septic tank should not be backing up. If this is not the first time it’s happened, it’s most likely time for a new septic system.


If you have noticed any of these signs, contact Affordable Pumping Services right away. Our experienced professionals will be able to determine if it is time for a new septic system or just a repair.

The Unique Needs of a Commercial Septic System

Owning and maintaining a commercial septic system is a little bit different than a residential system. However, the basics are the same. Read on for more about the unique needs of a commercial septic system.


Why do I need a Commercial Septic System?

If you own a business that is required by law to have public restrooms and do not have access to a city sewer system, you’ll need a septic system.


How Often do Commercial Septic Systems Need Maintenance?

Commercial septic systems are monitored more closely than residential systems. They handle quite a bit more sewage than traditional systems, so it is imperative to keep them professionally maintained. A neglected commercial septic tank can be extremely hazardous to the surrounding environment. And, not to mention, septic disasters due to neglect can be a threat to your business.


Do you need a Professional Septic Company on hand for a commercial septic system?

Yes! Commercial septic systems require specialized cleaners and equipment that only professional septic companies have. Buildups can happen quickly with commercial systems, so your tank will have to be pumped frequently. A professional septic company will put you on a regular cleaning and pumping schedule, so you will not have to worry about a maintenance timeline.


What can I do to make sure my commercial septic system runs smoothly?

Besides keeping up on a regular cleaning and pumping schedule with a professional septic company, there are some things you can do to make sure your system keeps running smoothly. Make sure your employees and customers know not to flush anything other than waste and toilet paper. Friendly reminder signs in the restrooms are a good idea, along with small garbage cans in the bathroom stalls. Have the number for Septic System Emergency Service posted somewhere your staff can see it. Be sure to have a septic emergency response plan as part of your employee training program.


Affordable Pumping Services has years of experience maintaining commercial septic systems. Call them today to get on a regular cleaning and pumping schedule.

Most Common Septic Repairs

If you have a septic system on your property, you know that it is essential to take care of it. Septic tanks require regular maintenance and care to work efficiently. But even with perfect care, repairs are sometimes necessary. Here are some of the most common septic repairs.


Emergency Pumping

Most septic tanks need to be pumped every 1-3 years. However, if you suddenly have more people coming in and out of your home, or more people are home during the day, it may change the pumping necessity. If a tank becomes overfilled, you will probably notice right away. Common signs of an overfilled tank are slow drains, bad smells, standing water, or lush patchy grass in your drain field. If you notice any of these things, call your septic company right away. Your tank may need to be pumped or possibly repaired.


Broken Pipes

Often times it isn’t your septic tank that needs repair, but its connecting pipes. These pipes connect your home to the tank, and the tank to the drain field. It is essential to keep these pipes working properly. Otherwise, you risk toxic sewage seeping out into your surrounding ground, or even your home. Professional septic companies will use special tools, or even cameras, to find possible leaks or damage to your pipes. 


Replacing Baffles

Your septic tank has a baffle at both the inlet and outlet. These baffles are designed to prevent solid materials from leaving the tank and entering the drain field. After time, the baffles can become damaged from acid or rust. When this happens, they will need to be professionally replaced.


The pros at Affordable Pumping Services are equipped to handle these and many other common, and not so common, septic repairs. If you are experiencing problems with your septic tank, give them a call. And do not forget to get on a regular pumping schedule!

Why Some Septic Issues Can’t Wait Until Regular Business Hours

Most professional septic tank companies have emergency services for a reason. Although there are some things that can wait until Monday morning, some septic issues cannot wait until regular business hours. Here is why.


Septic Backups

When a septic backup happens, you are in danger of raw sewage getting into your home or on your property. This can be extremely expensive to clean up, and if not done correctly, can be toxic to you and your family. If you have a septic backup, call your septic company’s emergency line right away. Do not wait until the morning.


Leaking Tank

If your septic tank is leaking, this is definitely a septic emergency. A leaking tank can seep wastewater into the surrounding ground, potentially contaminating the local water supply. It also can be damaging to plant and animal life. If you notice pooling water on or around your property, this could be a sign of a leaking tank. A foul rotten egg smell in or around your house is also a sign of a leaking tank. In the event of a septic leak, call your septic company immediately. If you are not sure where the leak is coming from, they will use specialized equipment to find it.


Broken Pipes

A broken pipe connected to or from your septic tank could be an emergency. When your pipes are not functioning properly, that means your tank is not functioning properly either. If wastewater is not able to enter or leave your tank, you could end up with an overflowing tank or a sewage backup. If you suspect you have a broken or damaged pipe, do not wait until regular business hours. Call your septic company right away.


For all these septic emergencies, or anything else septic tank related, Affordable Pumping Services has got you covered. Call anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Why You May Need a Sewer Line/Drain Line Cleaning

Sometimes you don’t realize that you have an issue with your sewer line or drain line until a major problem occurs. Backed up sewer lines and drain lines can cause small annoyances over time, like clogged sinks or slow draining showers. However, they can also cause disastrous, costly problems like leaks, floods, and damaged pipes. A professional cleaning can prevent all of these problems from happening.


Ignored Issues Cause Big Problems

As a homeowner, it is hard to address every issue that comes up. It’s easy to ignore an occasional gurgling sound or slow drain when you have so many other things to worry about. But a small issue can quickly become a big problem that could cost you a lot of money to fix. That’s why it’s imperative to call Affordable Plumbing at the first sign of a sewer line or drain line problem so that we can accurately diagnose it and rectify it right away. A backed-up sewer or drain line can cause toxic backups and floods that could cause serious damage to your property and could cost you a potential fortune to fix.

Regular Cleaning Can Save You Frustration and Money

When you call a professional septic company for a sewer line or drain line cleaning, they will swiftly identify any problems in your lines and correct them quickly. Sometimes a fiber-optic camera will be used to inspect the lines for any clogs or backups that wouldn’t be found otherwise.  Then a heavy-duty cable snake will be used to flush out any clogs or debris. It is essential that only highly trained technicians complete this process.


At Affordable Pumping Services, we have years of experience cleaning both sewer and drain lines. Our technicians are highly trained and professional and come fully stocked with all the latest equipment and technology to get the job done right the first time. Call for an appointment today!

Reduce the Likelihood of Septic Repairs Through Regular Septic Cleaning

If you have a septic tank on your property, it is essential that you take care of it. Part of septic system ownership is regular maintenance, pumping, and cleaning. If you have your septic tank cleaned regularly, you are less likely to experience frustrating and costly mishaps like septic backups and clogs. Here’s how to reduce the likelihood of septic repairs through regular septic cleaning.


What happens in a septic tank?

Before we get into why cleaning is necessary, you must first understand how your septic system works. Your septic tank is a large underground container that holds hundreds of gallons of wastewater, depending on its size. The tank is connected to your home through the plumbing line. All the wastewater from your sinks, toilets, and showers feeds into your tank through this line. When the waste enters the tank, it divides into three layers: solids form the sludge layer at the bottom, water is in the middle and the scum layer made of fats and oils sits at the top. Bacteria in the tank break down the sludge and turns it into liquid. Water flows through a pipe near the top of the tank and filters into the drain field through the soil.

What happens if you don’t have your tank cleaned?

A complete professional septic tank cleaning is recommended at least every two to three years. If you put it off longer than that, you’re going to be in for some major problems. Without proper cleaning, the solids in your tank can begin to build up, break down the critical components of your tank, and diminish your holding capacity. Pipes can start to clog if left uncleaned, and you’ll begin to notice your drains working slower than usual. All of this can lead to disastrous backups. When you have your tank professionally cleaned, everything in your system will be checked as well.


Don’t forget to call Affordable Pumping Services to have your septic tank professionally cleaned. We’ll help get you on a regular pumping schedule as well!

The Signs of a Failing Septic Tank

A septic system failure can lead to major disasters for homeowners. That’s why it’s imperative to properly maintain your septic tank and have it pumped regularly. But even when taken care of, problems can arise. Knowing what to look out for can end up saving you frustration, time and money. Here are the signs of a failing septic tank; you should contact your septic system company at the first sign of any of the following.


Toilet and Drain Backups

This is probably the most obvious sign of a failing septic tank. When a tank is overfilled, or not draining correctly, you’ll begin to experience backups in your toilets, sinks, and tubs. Most of the time, the backups will have a foul smell and a greyish appearance. Call Affordable Pumping Services at the first sign of any backups. Ignoring the problem or putting it off can result in a toxic and disastrous sewage backup inside your home that could cost a fortune to repair and clean.

Strange Gurgling Sounds

When a septic tank is failing, the components and pipes responsible for transporting wastewater will be compromised. This causes the liquid inside to drain slowly or build pockets or clogs. Clogged septic pipes cause strange noises. You may notice muffled gurgling sounds coming somewhere within your plumbing system. This is a telltale sign that you have a problem. It may end up just being an isolated pipe issue. However, a professional septic company will have to do investigating to determine the cause of the noise.

Lush Green Grass and Plant Life in the Drain Field

Your drain field is where septic waste is filtered through your tank to the surrounding soil. If you notice a sudden growth of lush green grass or plant life in one area of your drain field, this could mean an excessive amount of waste is leaking out of your tank. A leaking tank needs to be addressed immediately.


If you notice any of these signs of a failing septic tank, or have any other septic system needs, call Affordable Pumping Service right away. We even offer 24/7 Emergency Service!

The Items and Devices You Shouldn’t Use if Your Property Has a Septic System

If you have a septic system at your home or property, you’re probably aware that there are certain things you have to be careful about. Some items or devices are just not compatible with septic systems. Using them could damage or compromise your system, resulting in expensive repairs or damage. Here are the items and devices you shouldn’t use if your property has a septic system.


Garbage Disposal

Although you’ll find conflicting information online as far as garbage disposals and septic tanks go, we always advise against installing or using one in your home. A garbage disposal breaks up food waste so that it can go down your drains, but if you have a septic system, it ends up in your tank. Food waste can mess with the bacteria balance in your tank and make it harder for solid waste to be broken down. It also could drastically increase the amount of solid waste in your tank, causing it to overfill or leak.

Flushable Wipes

Don’t let the term “flushable” fool you. Flushable wipes are certainly not flushable if you own a septic tank. These types of wipes take a long time to break down in a septic tank, if they break down at all, and can cause all kinds of disastrous issues. In fact, they can cause problems even if you don’t have a septic system. Flushable wipes have been clogging and jamming up plumbing systems all over the country. When it comes to a septic tank, though, they can do severe damage. Using them can lead to blockages and clogs that could cause toxic sewage backups inside your home.


In particular, this one is important if you’re not aware of the location of your septic tank and its components. Digging with a shovel, or any sort of digging equipment can lead to accidental damage to your tank or its pipes. Make sure you check with your septic company before doing any kind of landscaping on your property.


Remember to call Affordable Pumping Services for all your septic system needs!

Things to Look For in a Good Septic Tank Company

Septic tank systems are complicated. Not just any handyman or plumber can deal with a septic tank problem. It takes years of experience, the proper equipment, and training to deal with something as potentially dangerous as a septic emergency or repair. Here are the things to look for in a good septic tank company.


Experience in the Community

While experience is probably a given when it comes to hiring a reputable septic tank company, the experience must be centered in the area where you live. Different states, towns and counties have various regulations regarding septic systems, so the company you choose must be familiar with all of them. Be sure to look at any potential company’s website carefully and check reviews from your community members.

Quality Equipment

Septic tank repairs require very specific equipment, so it is imperative that the company you hire has quality, up to date equipment and can handle any size septic tank. When it comes to pumping, septic tank companies will need a large truck with a vacuum hose designed for septic tanks. They should also have video camera equipment for thorough inspections, as well as various other specialty equipment.

Highly Trained Technicians

A septic tank company is only as good as its employees, so everyone they hire should be thoroughly screened and trained. Do not be afraid to ask a potential company what credentials they require of their employees and what sort of training they require.

Customer Service

Years of experience, the best equipment and trained workers do not mean much if the customer service is lousy. Be sure to look for a septic tank company that makes customer service a priority. Promptly returned phone calls, answered emails, and polite, quick service is never too much to ask for.


As it happens, Affordable Pumping Services meets all the above mentioned requirements for a good septic tank company you can trust. Call us for all your septic system needs, including regular pumping and cleaning. We even offer 24/7 Emergency Service!

How to Tell a Plumbing Problem from a Septic System Problem

If you have issues with your bathroom drains, piping, or toilets, sometimes it’s hard to tell if the problem is caused by your plumbing or your septic system. While a professional plumber or septic system company can tell the difference, here are some ways to determine the problem yourself, so you can call the proper pros to help.


Check Your Tank’s Cleanout

When any plumbing or septic issue appears, always check the tank’s cleanout. You can find it between the tank and your home and will look like a short PVC pipe sticking slightly out from the ground. Remove the cap and look in. If there’s visible standing water, you have a septic tank problem. If not, your issues are most likely plumbing related.

Slow Draining

There are certain things to look for to determine whether it is a septic or plumbing issue if you have a blocked or slow drain. If the slow draining is accompanied by a foul odor like sewage or sulfur, that is the first sign that your blockage is septic tank related. Also, if you are dealing with a single clogged or slow draining sink or toilet, it’s probably a plumbing issue. When your septic tank is backed up or malfunctioning, every drain in your home will be problematic.

Consider the Age of Your Septic Tank

In most cases, septic tanks can last up to 25 years. This is assuming your tank is the right size for your household and properly maintained and pumped regularly. If your septic tank is over 20 years old, or you have neglected it for some time, you will likely start experiencing problems. Call a septic system company and have them do a full inspection of your system.


If you have determined your problem is septic related, or still are not sure, call the pros at Affordable Pumping Services. We are here for all your septic system needs and even offer 24/7 Emergency Service.