About Us

Founded in 1999, Affordable Pumping Services has served the New Jersey, area for over 19 years. Throughout our history, our main goal has remained the same: to deliver quality, value and, most of all, service.

You may not think it’s possible to find someone that is passionate about septic tanks but believe us, it is! If you hire us for your septic tank repair, pumping, or cleaning - you’ll recognize our passion for the project right away.

Our commitment means we work harder and smarter than our competition. We are at the forefront of our industry and offer our customers the latest services, technology and information available.

Some of Our Best Qualities:

Experienced: We have nearly 30 years of experience working with septic tanks. Through the years, we have faced many challenges and come up with many unique solutions to resolve unique problems. We’re confident that no matter what type of service you’ll need, we’ll be able to exceed your expectations.

Reliable: When you hire Affordable Pumping Services, you’ll know that you have one of the highest rated and most reliable companies in the business.

Quality: We know that your septic tank is an extremely important part of your daily life and we are going to ensure that it is working correctly after we finish our work. We ensure a high quality of work is performed, no matter how big or small of a job.

Value: We are confident in saying that we offer the best value in the business. Our prices are competitive and you will not find the same level of service anywhere else.

Focus on Latest Technologies: Like any other industry, the septic tank industry has been advanced with the latest technology. We invest in the latest technology so we can provide our customers with the best service possible. This new technology helps us to ensure that the problem you were facing is resolved and there aren’t any other underlying issues.