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How To Choose The Right Septic Tank Company

Choosing the right septic tank company can be a big headache. Just like learning about the system itself, figuring out which company to choose to help you with your septic tank needs can be equally as challenging. And even with a basic understanding of how your system works, it can be one of the most […]

How Your Water Composition Can Affect Your Septic System

Having a septic system can be both a blessing or a curse. The trick is how you maintain it. With proper care, a septic system can be an excellent way to save on bills. Unfortunately, improper maintenance can also rack up bills quickly, and damages can leave you without working plumbing systems.  One overlooked aspect […]

How Too Much Hair Can Affect Your Septic Tank

Many people don’t realize how many ways hair can end up in your septic tank. Whether it’s shaving in the shower (or over the sink!), washing your hair, cleaning a brush, or even petting your dog or cat, all these things have one thing in common….they produce hair that can end up in your septic […]

Tell-Tale Signs of a Malfunctioning Septic System

Nothing is quite as frustrating as a failing septic system. Not only are septic backups smelly and disgusting, but they can also be extremely costly to fix and clean up after. That’s why it’s important to be able to recognize the beginning of a septic issue before it turns into a disastrous problem. Here are […]