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Ejector Pump

An ejector pump is a device that pumps sewage and waste water from inside your home or apartment to an outside sewer or septic tank. If your home has a bathroom that is below the grade or level of your main sewer line, you probably have a sewage ejector pump.

Even if your bathroom is at the same level of your sewer line, you may still require an ejector pump. Why?

An ejector pump is also used if the sewage or wastewater from your toilet, sink, shower or tub cannot adequately flow into the sewer on its own, (by the force of gravity). You don’t want to experience the frustration of backed up pipes and sewage. A properly installed sewage ejector pump can prevent this from occurring. Some homeowners have opted to have ejector pumps installed to ensure there won’t be any backing up or clogging in their pipes. Affordable Pumping Services has experienced, certified technicians who install, service and repair ejector pumps.

How an ejector pump works

A sewage ejector pump’s main purpose is to pump sewage to a level high enough so it can adequately flow into the community sewer or a septic tank. Sewage ejector pumps are installed in a pit. The sewage from your bathroom (or any room with plumbing fixtures at or below sewer line level) flows into the pit. Once the level of sewage in the pit rises to a specific level, your ejector pump’s float switch closes. The pump then starts and begins simultaneously churning and pumping the waste into your sewer line or septic system.

Service or Repair

Should you require your ejector pump repaired, or your ejector pump serviced – or simply wish to discuss installation of a new pump, please contact us today. We’ll send a technician to assess your home’s piping, type of sewer (main sewer or septic system), and make a recommendation as to what’s necessary to satisfy your particular need.