How to Know It’s Time to Replace Your Cesspool With a Septic Tank

Years ago, before septic systems were common in residential areas, sewage was often disposed of in vertical pits covered in the ground called cesspools. The cesspool was essentially the beginning stages of the evolution of the septic tank. Although there are some cesspools still existing today, mostly on older properties, they aren’t the most practical waste management system and come with a lot of public health concerns. Here’s how to know when it’s time to replace your cesspool with a septic tank.


Frequent Pumping

Greases, oil and soap scum tend to build up over time on the walls of a cesspool, causing clogs. The scum buildup prevents water from filtering through the walls of the cesspool at a normal rate. Because of this, the cesspool becomes filled up with water and needs to be pumped more frequently to avoid backups. If your cesspool needs to be pumped frequently, it may be time to upgrade to a septic tank.


Slow Draining Water Inside the Home

If you’ve noticed that the drains in your sinks are draining much slower than usual, that may be a sign of a clogged cesspool. Although you should call a professional company to check for a backup, switching to a septic system may be the right call.


Toilets Not Flushing Properly

If you’ve noticed a gurgling sound coming from your toilets, or they’re just not flushing properly, there could be a problem with your cesspool. When your cesspool isn’t draining properly, the water in your home has nowhere to go and can back up in the pipes. If this happens frequently, it may be time to switch to a septic tank.


Still not sure if it’s time to replace your cesspool with a septic tank? The experts at Affordable Pumping Services can help you figure it out. Call today for a consultation.

Why You Should Hire a Trusted Company to Install Your Septic Tank

Whether you’re planning on replacing your existing septic tank or installing one for the first time, it’s essential that you hire an experienced, trusted company. Septic systems are an excellent waste management system for your home if it’s installed properly and taken care of. Here are some things to keep in mind.


All Local Codes and Regulations Must be Followed

Every state and county has specific laws, regulations and codes pertaining to septic systems. A trusted company should be aware of all these rules and make sure your installation is done properly. Laws and codes are always evolving, so it’s imperative that whoever you choose to do the installation is following the current rules. You don’t want anyone who is going to cut corners or take the easy way out. A trusted company will obtain all the necessary permits and keep you informed in the process.


Proper Size Tank for Your Home

The size of the septic tank you need depends on how many people live in your home and how many bathrooms you have. The actual size of your house isn’t a factor per se. So you need a septic tank company that understands the needs of your family and will recommend the correct size tank for your home.


Understands All the Necessary Components

A septic system involves many more working components than just a tank. Piping must be laid and buried, a hole must be dug for the septic tank, and a drain field must be prepared. An experienced company will understand everything involved and will explain the process to you.


Affordable Pumping Services is a Company You Can Trust

At Affordable Pumping Services, we have over twenty years of experience installing and caring for septic systems in the New Jersey area. We can help make the process as easy for you as possible, from start to finish. Call us today to get started.

Signs You Are in Need of a Septic Repair

If you have a septic system on your property, then you know that it comes with a bit of responsibility. If you take care of your septic system, it can last for decades. However, big problems can come with neglect. Here are some signs that you may need to call a professional septic company for a repair.


Bad Smell

If you’re suddenly greeted with a bad or foul smell inside or outside of your home, there could be a problem with your septic system. Raw sewage has a terrible rotten egg smell. If you’re smelling something like that anywhere near your home, call a septic repair company right away.


Lots of Long Green Grass

When there is a leak in your septic tank, you may notice that one part of your yard may be greener and lusher looking than the rest. Grass loves septic waste, so it will grow quicker and greener where the leak is feeding into. Call a septic tank company if you notice anything like this on your property.


Slow Drainage

A problem with your septic system could cause slow drainage in your plumbing. If you notice that the sinks and toilets on the main level of your house are suddenly draining slower than usual, there may be an issue. This is usually an indicator of needing a pumping, not a repair, but call Affordable Pumping Services to make sure.


Pooling Water

When your septic system isn’t working properly, you may notice small pools of water in or around your drain field. Call someone as soon as you see excess water anywhere near your drain field.


If you notice these signs, or anything else unusual, then there might be something wrong with your septic system. If so, call Affordable Pumping Services right away. Remember us for regular pumping, cleaning and inspections, too!

What You Should Do in a Septic Tank Emergency

Although septic tanks are a great waste management solution for homes, just like anything else, they’re not perfect. If you take care of your septic tank and have it pumped, cleaned and inspected regularly – then you will rarely have issues. However, emergencies happen. The important thing is not to panic and to call Affordable Pumping Services as soon as possible. 24/7 Emergency service is there for that very reason. Here’s what else you should do.


Don’t Try to Fix Anything Yourself

Although it will be tempting to try to fix your septic problem, at least temporarily, instead of calling for a potentially expensive repair – DON’T DO IT. If you’re having an issue inside the house, like a gurgling toilet or clogged drain, trying to fix it yourself could possibly cause a sewage backup. Septic material is extremely toxic, so avoiding a backup should be your number one priority. Call a septic tank emergency service at the first sign of any issues.


Don’t Clean Up Raw Sewage Yourself

If you have a septic tank backup, either inside or outside, don’t try to clean it yourself. Raw septic waste is extremely toxic and shouldn’t be touched. It would be best if you also weren’t breathing it in. That’s why it’s imperative to call an emergency septic system company as soon as possible. Trained professionals with special equipment will need to clean up the backup.


Don’t Use the Water in Your Home                           

Once you’ve realized you have a septic tank issue, stop using the water in your house and call a professional right away. If you have a leak in your tank or the connecting pumps, the water coming from your taps could be tainted. To err on the side of caution, do not use the water until you’ve consulted with a professional.


Remember, the best way to avoid septic emergencies is to take care of your septic system. Affordable Pumping Services can help you do that. Call for an appointment today!

Signs of a Backup In Your Sewer or Drain Line

Sewer backups are the most inconvenient and frustrating things to happen in your home. They’re disgusting, toxic, and expensive to clean. Basically, life has to stop until you handle the sewer backup. To avoid these awful disasters, it’s important to recognize the signs, so you can deal with it right away and call the professionals.

Pay Attention to Your Toilets

The very first sign of a backup in your sewer or drain line is a slow draining or gurgling toilet. The gurgling may be constant or only last for a few minutes. It may also sound like a simmering, almost like a coffee pot percolating. The second you notice something strange happening in your toilets, call your septic tank company right away. If all the toilets in your home are gurgling, that’s a big sign that there’s a blockage in your main drain line.

Locate the Cleanout

Outside your home, there should be a four-inch white pipe sticking outside of the ground. This is the drain cleanout. Taking the cap off may release some pressure so that some of the backed-up material can be released. After all, it’s better to have sewage in the yard than in the home. If you’re able to see standing water inside the cleanout, you definitely have a backup on your hands. Not every home has a cleanout, so if you can’t find one, don’t panic. A professional will be able to take it from here.

Turn Off the Water

While you’re waiting for a professional to come to your rescue, turn off the water in your home. This will cut down on the likelihood of more backups and water damage inside the home. Call the pros and remember not to try to clean up any raw sewage yourself.

Affordable Pumping Services can help with any sort of backup, so call at the first sign of a problem. We offer 24/7 Emergency Service, so take a deep breath and call the pros!

How High Pressured Jetting Works and Why It’s Important

If you own a septic tank system, you must know how they’re maintained and cared for. Part of this process is the use of high-pressured jets, sometimes called hydro-jetting. Hydro-jetting can be used to clean your system, as well as clear up any blockages in the pipes. Here’s a closer look at high pressured jetting and why it’s important.

Used to Clean Pipes

High pressured jets are often used to clean the pipes connected to your septic system. High-pressure streams of water are sprayed into the pipes to clean out clogs and debris. It can even be used to cut roots that may have penetrated the pipes. It can also dissolve blockages while cleaning all the pipe wall services.

How High-Pressured Jetting Works

For high powered jetting, a professional technician will attach a jetting nozzle to the end of a high-pressure hose. The other end of the hose is connected to a high-pressure water pump. The jetting nozzle has small jets to restrict water flow, which creates the build of pressure necessary. As the pressurized water is released from the nozzle, it creates a high-speed stream of water that the technician uses to insert into the septic pipes. The hose is spun on coil connected to the technician’s truck, so it is transportable to anywhere it needs to go. Different amounts of pressure are used, depending on the size of the pipe and the cause of the possible blockage. That’s why it’s imperative that only professionals use a high-pressured water jet system in your septic system.

The only way to know if it’s time for your septic tank system to be high-pressure jet cleaned, is to have it inspected by a professional. Call Affordable Pumping Services for all your septic tank needs and to get on a regular pumping schedule!

The Importance of Having a Correctly Sized Septic Tank

Septic tanks have a lot more to do with how your household works than you think. It’s more than just bathrooms involved. Every time you turn on a faucet, flush a toilet, or do a load of laundry, your septic tank is affected. That’s why the size of your tank is so incredibly important. Read on for more.

A Quick Breakdown on How a Septic System Works

Before you can fully understand why the size of your septic tank is so important, you first must understand how the whole system works. Every drop of water in your house flows from a drainage pipe into your septic tank. The tank, a water-tight container buried underground on your property, holds the wastewater long enough for the solids to settle in the bottom, forming sludge, which is broken down by bacteria present in the tank. The oil and grease float to the top and form the scum layer. The liquid wastewater slowly exits the tank into your drain field.

How to Choose the Right Size Septic Tank

You should always consult a professional before settling on a septic tank. Some of the factors they’ll consider are the total water consumption in the home, how many bathrooms are in the home, and how many people are living there. The general rule of thumb is that your septic tank should be able to hold twice your daily water usage.

The Wrong Size Can Lead to Problems

The wrong size septic tank for your household can lead to expensive problems in the long run. You may have to have your tank pumped more often than usual to prevent overfilling. An overfilled septic tank can lead to dangerous and toxic sewage backups, both inside and outside the home.

The experts at Affordable Pumping Services will be able to make sure your septic tank is sufficient for your household. Call for all your septic tank needs!

Creative Landscaping Ideas for Septic System Owners

When it comes to septic systems, landscaping can be a bit tricky. While it’s essential to keep your drain field and tank area clear of aggressively growing trees and plants because of their potentially damaging roots, it’s still possible to have attractive landscaping in those areas.

Perennials and Grasses

As long as you’re not planting trees or large shrubs over your septic tank, you have a lot of options as to what you can grow. Plants can prevent erosion and will suck up some of the excess moisture in the drain field, making it a great way to add some greenery to the yard while preserving your septic system. Some safe plants to experiment with are:

  • Kentucky Blue Grass
  • Creeping Charlie
  • Jewelweed Plants
  • Montauk Daisies
  • Coneflowers
  • Daylilies
  • Bearded Iris
  • Creeping Phlox

Keep in mind that the ground soil in your drain field is much damper than the rest of your yard, so choose plants that thrive in these kinds of conditions.

Be Mindful of Wildlife

It’s not safe to grow fruit plants or berry bushes around a septic tank because the fruits could be full of harmful bacteria when ingested. This goes for humans as well as animals. So don’t plant anything near your septic system that animals would be tempted to eat. For an extra layer of protection, consider planting flowers or plants that repel wildlife like marigolds, bleeding hearts or foxgloves.

Fake Rock Gardens

It’s not recommended to place heavy rocks or boulders over or near a septic system, however, large artificial stones are sometimes used to deter people from parking or walking over a septic tank. Fake rocks are much lighter and easier to move around than the real thing, so the possibilities are endless. You can find these decorative rocks at most home improvement stores, or you can even make them yourself!

For all your septic system needs and to get on a regular pumping schedule, call Affordable Pumping Services today!

Septic System Owners- Avoid These Paper and Bathroom Products

If you own a septic system, you’re probably aware that with the exception of toilet paper – no other paper or bathroom products should be flushed down your toilets. But did you know certain kinds of paper products and other bathroom products marketed as “flushable” could be problematic for your system? Read on to learn more.


Only Used Bleached Toilet Paper

Although “unbleached” or “environmentally friendly” paper products sound like they’d be better to use for your septic system, the opposite is actually true. Bleached toilet paper breaks down much easier in your septic tank. It’s also important to avoid any paper products that are chemically treated, as they can mess with the bacteria balance in your septic system.


Avoid “Flushable” Wipes

A trend that’s taken off in the last decade is “flushable” wipes being used in bathrooms alongside toilet papers. Although these products certainly seem like a better option for personal hygiene, especially for small children, they can easily clog your system. The fibers in any kind of wipes do not break down easily in septic tanks, and can even cause problems in city sewer systems as well. You can still use these products, they just should be thrown away in the garbage after use.


Any Kind of Feminine Hygiene Product

Tampons are made to be absorbent, it’s how they work. These properties make them extremely hard to break down in septic systems. Even kinds that are marketed as “flushable” or “natural” should never be flushed down the toilet. This goes for pads and liners as well.


Look for Products Labels Quick Dissolving or Biodegradable

When shopping for paper products that are safe to flush, look for ones labeled “biodegradable” or “quick-dissolving.” These paper products are all safe to flush. If something doesn’t have that label, throw it away in a trashcan to be safe.


To keep your septic system running efficiently, be sure to call the experts at Affordable Pumping Services to get on a regular pumping schedule.

When It’s Time to Repipe Your Septic System

Although you may not realize it, the pipes that make up your septic system are incredibly crucial to your everyday life. When they go bad, disaster can ensue, creating expensive and extremely inconvenient problems that can hinder your normal activities. So how do you know when it’s time to repipe your septic system?


How old is your system?

If your septic system is ten years of age or older, it’s likely that your pipes are no longer in perfect shape. If it’s 15 years old or more, it’s time to have those pipes checked ASAP.


What color is your water?

The best way to judge how your septic system pipes are working is by looking at the water coming out of your faucet. If the water is tinted brown or debris is floating in a full glass of HOT water, it’s time for repiping. Rusty water doesn’t pose an immediate health concern, but if left untreated, it could get worse.


Do you have low water pressure?

If you notice a sudden change in the amount of water pressure in your home, this could be a sign of the pipes failing. When pipes start to erode, the path of the water shrinks, lessening the pressure.


Do you have any leaks?

A leaky pipe doesn’t necessarily mean your entire system needs to be repiped, however, it does mean it should be inspected by a professional. Leaks should always be repaired right away. An untreated leak can lead to gallons of water wasted daily, as well as unnecessary pressure put on your septic system.


If you suspect it may be time to have your septic system repiped, the experts at Affordable Pumping Services can help. We offer 24/7 Emergency Service, so call us at the first sign of a problem!