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Common Mistakes Septic Owners Make

There are over 21 million households with septic systems in the United States. When taken care of properly, septic tanks are a great way to manage waste without using a public sewer system. However, if you go into owning a septic system blind, you could potentially make mistakes that will end up costing you time […]

Chemicals to Avoid Putting Down Your Drains

It’s important to remember that anything that gets flushed down your toilets or poured down your drains ends up in your septic tank. Because one of the components that makes your septic system work is a balance of bacteria, any chemical could disrupt that balance. Anytime you use any cleaning product, it’s important to make […]

How the Minerals in Your Water Affect Your Septic Tank

A lot of liquids in your home eventually end up in your septic system. However, we don’t often think about what may be lurking in the liquids we pour down the drain. The truth is, even your water could be affecting your septic tank. Read on to learn more.   The Minerals in Water Hard […]