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Septic Companies vs. Plumbers

Although their work may sometimes overlap, septic companies and plumbers have a different set of skills. If you have a septic system on your property, you will probably require the services of both at some point. Read on to learn more.   Slow drains: Septic Company or Plumber? If you have one tub or sink […]

How to Identify a Leak in Your Septic System

Leaks in your septic system are a big problem and should never be ignored. Knowing how to spot the warning signs of a leak and what to do when you find one is essential for any septic tank owner. Read on to learn how to identify a leak in your septic system.   The Role […]

Keep the Proper Bacteria Balance in Your Septic Tank

A properly functioning septic tank is an integral part of your home. Most of the time, your septic system will run fine by itself, needing little help. However, regular maintenance and care will ensure your tank functions correctly and can continue to do so in the long term. One of the most important things to […]