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The Types of Good Bacteria in Your Septic Tank

Oftentimes, when one hears the word bacteria there is an immediate negative connotation that crosses the mind. Illness, infection, or something else in the realm of not healthy is the first thought. However, there are plenty of good bacteria in the world too. For example – probiotics are one of the most talked about good […]

The Latest Technology Used To Inspect Septic Tanks

Septic tanks should be routinely inspected to diagnose and address any problems. Such inspections also go a long way in ensuring your septic tank meets compliance regulations. With continued use, septic tanks tend to malfunction. When this happens, a comprehensive diagnosis is required to pinpoint and fix the issues causing the malfunction. Before a septic tank […]

Septic Repairs – What To Expect

Septic systems are a fantastic sewage solution for many homeowners and, if you live in a more rural area or an older neighborhood, they may be the only solution. These systems are designed to operate for several decades with minimal maintenance, providing owners with an exceptionally low-cost sewage solution. That said, low maintenance is not no maintenance. […]