Monthly Archives: December 2020

How Bacteria Breaks Down Everything in Your Septic System

You may not realize this, but the reason why your septic system works the way it does is all thanks to bacteria. Inside your septic tank are billions of naturally occurring, microscopic organisms which allow it to work properly. Think of your septic tank as a well-organized living machine, which has certain requirements for everyone […]

Important Information Revealed by a Septic Tank Inspection

There are several reasons why you may need a septic tank inspection. Maybe you are selling or buying a property. Perhaps you are planning on a home remodel or building an addition on your home. Or maybe you are just a responsible homeowner wanting to keep your septic system in great shape. Whatever your reasons […]

Is Your Septic Tank Ready for Colder Weather?

The winter can wreak havoc on lots of different components of your home and property. It is why we spend the fall months preparing for colder weather. It is no different with your septic system. Putting a little effort into preparing your septic tank for the winter can prevent so many possible costly and frustrating […]