Monthly Archives: October 2020

How Greywater Systems Are More Eco-Friendly

Did you know the average American uses 70 gallons of water every day? Eco-friendly is always the way to go, if possible, and includes any water systems you use in your home. Read on to learn how greywater systems are more eco-friendly than other choices.   What is a greywater system? A greywater system is […]

What is an Effluent Filter and Why Do You Need One

When you own a septic system on your property, it is essential to understand how it works. Part of that is knowing what the components that make up your septic system are, and what they do. In this blog, we are going to take a closer look at the effluent filter and why you need […]

How Septic Systems Have Withstood the Test of Time

Ever wonder how septic systems have become so popular and how they originated? Here is a brief history of septic systems and how they have withstood the test of time.   The Septic Tank Origin Story Septic tanks were invented by Frenchman John Mouras in the 1860s. He began with a simple prototype made of […]

The Role of a Cesspool and Why It May Need to be Replaced

If you are familiar with septic systems, then you know that they hold and treat wastewater. Cesspools are also designed for that purpose, but there are some differences. Here is a closer look at the role of a cesspool and why it may need to be replaced.   The Differences When you have a septic […]