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The Difference Between a Septic System Pumping and Cleaning

When it comes to septic tank maintenance, the terms cleaning and pumping are often used interchangeably. However, the two are slightly different. Usually, your septic company will do both at the same time. Let’s take a look at the difference between a septic system cleaning and pumping.   Septic Pumping Septic system pumping means removing […]

How a Faulty Septic Tank Can Bring a Business to a Halt

Septic systems can be a very efficient way for waste management in your business, if taken care of properly. Neglect can lead to a faulty tank, and that can be disastrous. Here’s how a faulty septic tank can bring a business to a halt, and how to avoid that.   Customers and Employees Flushing Items […]

The Environmental Responsibility of a Septic System Owner

A neglected septic system can wreak havoc on the local environment. As a homeowner with a septic system on your property, there are specific responsibilities that you should be aware of. Besides following all the necessary rules and regulations for your county, any neglect or issues of your system could possibly harm the wildlife near […]