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The Role of Each Part of the Septic System

A typical septic tank system has four main parts. Each of these parts are essential in the proper function of the entire system. Read on for a better understanding of the role of each part of your septic system.   The Pipe From Your Home to the Tank The first main part of your septic […]

What is Blue Green Algae and How You Can Prevent It

Blue green algae is the most diverse group of algae on the planet, containing over 7,000 species. Although in small amounts, blue green algae is harmless, more significant amounts can cause all kinds of health issues for humans like skin irritation, flu-like symptoms, and even more severe conditions. Green algae is also toxic to pets, […]

Sounds You Should and Shouldn’t Hear From Your Septic Tank

When it comes to owning a septic system, it’s important to know what is normal and what is abnormal, so that you can spot problems before they become big issues. No matter what kind of plumbing or septic system you have in your home, you’re bound to hear some strange sounds from time to time; […]

The Different Types of Septic Systems

Septic system designs vary all over the country. The specific model used for a particular property depends on household size, the type of soil on the property, the slope of the lot, weather conditions, and local regulations, just to name a few. Each different type of septic system requires specific care and maintenance. Here’s a […]