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What’s Involved in Regular Septic System Maintenance

Septic systems can cost upwards of $5,000 to replace, so it’s essential to care for your system properly to give it a long healthy life, and potentially save yourself thousands of dollars. Regular septic system doesn’t have to be complicated, or expensive, as long as you do your research and know when to call a […]

Why Some States Have More Septic Systems Than Others

More than one in five households use septic systems. But the number of home septic systems vary from state to state. Why is that? Let’s take a closer look at why some states have more septic systems than others.   Topography Vermont takes the top spot for states with the most septic systems with a […]

Three Disasters Caused by Poorly Maintained Septic Systems

Septic systems work great when properly maintained. But a neglected septic system can lead to disasters that are not only inconvenient but potentially dangerous. Here are three disasters caused by poorly maintained septic systems and how to avoid them.   Toilet Backups Toilet backups are the most common problem caused by an improperly cared for […]

Holding Tanks vs Septic Systems

If you’re new to septic tank systems or are just curious to learn more, you have probably heard about holding tanks as well. So what are they and what is the difference? Let’s take a closer look at holding tanks and septic systems so you can determine which might be best for your home.   […]