Monthly Archives: November 2018

The Benefits of a Septic Tank Over a Holding Tank

Do you have a septic tank or a holding tank? Which is better? When considering a septic tank system over a holding tank, we first have to look closely at each and how they work. Holding Tank A holding tank is a sealed and buried tank that holds wastewater from a home or building that […]

What is an Effluent Filter?

To explain what an effluent filter is and their importance, we first need to take a closer look at the septic system itself. A septic tank is a large container buried in the ground that stores and treats wastewater from your home’s bathrooms. The treated water slowly releases into a leach field. An effluent filter […]

What is Gray Water

In the plumbing world, you may have heard¬†the term “gray water.” But what is gray water and what should you know about it? Let’s take a closer look. Untreated Waste Water Gray water is the term used to describe untreated wastewater from bathroom sinks, tubs and washing machines. It does not refer to the water […]

The Importance of Cleaning Your Grease Trap Regularly

Grease traps have been used since the Victorian era to prevent solid fats and oils from entering the sewer system and clogging pipes. They are required for restaurants, school kitchens, hotels, clubs and any establishment where large-scale cooking is done. If you have a grease trap, it’s important to have it professionally cleaned out regularly […]

Tips to Avoid A Clogged Drain

Clogged drains are the ultimate inconvenience. Not only does it prevent you from using your bathroom or kitchen, but it can also be time-consuming and costly to repair. If you have a clogged drain related emergency, be sure to call Affordable Pumping Services. In the meantime, here are some tips to avoid a clogged drain. […]