Tips to Spot These Common Septic Issues Before They Become Major

Tips to Spot These Common Septic Issues Before They Become Major

Septic tank issues can be costly and incredibly inconvenient. But if you know what to watch for, you can get them fixed before they lead to disasters. Here are some tips to spot common septic issues before they become significant problems.


Watch the Landscape Surrounding Your Tank

One of the easiest ways to spot potential septic system problems is to watch the landscape surrounding your tank consistently. If you notice the foliage around the tank or drain field begin to grow faster and bigger, it may be a sign of a leak in your tank. Wastewater leaks act as fertilizer for surrounding grass and plants and cause them to flourish quickly. An overgrown area of your yard is a telltale sign of a septic leak.


Look for Puddles and Swampy Areas

If the ground around your septic tank seems flooded in certain areas, this could indicate a leak in your tank. Contact a septic tank company at the first sign of any excess moisture on the land around your tank.


Pay Attention to Water Drainage

Slow drainage in your sinks and tubs is a sign of trouble in your septic system. Slow draining could indicate corrosion in your tank, a leak, or even a more severe problem. Call a professional at the first sign of slow draining in your home.


Keep an Eye on Your Property

By monitoring the plant growth and moisture content surrounding your septic tank and calling a professional at the first sign of drainage problems, you can catch issues with your septic system before they become major problems. Regular pumping is also a crucial step to take to keep your septic system healthy and working efficiently. Call Affordable Pumping Services today to get on a regular pumping schedule.